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Light delights … Hunter Valley Gardens dazzles

Junior Journo, Jasmine, visited the Hunter Valley Gardens in NSW during the summer school holidays.

On the path to 1,250,000 lights

Eager to see the annual Christmas Lights Spectacular before they were turned off, for another year, (last night of lights – January 26, 2013) this excited, almost-eight-year-old also discovered the beauty of the gardens themselves and the bonus delights of Storybook Garden.

It was so good! The lights were so unbelievable – how do they do it? There are 1,250,000 lights there. The Christmas lights were 60 feet tall!

Towering Christmas trees aglow

We watched a live show for kids called The Scallywagz and they were singing and dancing to kids songs.There were two girls and two boys.

There were shops and food too.

They had lots of good lights. I took 32 photos!

Sydney Harbour scene, set on the lake

My best part was the Sydney lights – the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and dolphins and they were all made on the water in different coloured lights.

Cinderella's Coach

There was Cinderella’s coach too and it was beautiful.

The Mad Hatter pours the tea

Storybook Garden is always in there but it had lots of lights too and was so great.

There is a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party scene from Alice in Wonderland. It has a really long table and cakes and you can sit there and have your photo taken.

There’s also a really big red chair you can sit on like Alice when she shrunk.

I also got a picture of me sitting on a wall with Humpty Dumpty and a picture of me with the Cat and the Fiddle.

Hey Diddle Diddle! The dish ran away with the spoon - and friend - in Storybook Garden!

There was also a Santa village, Santa’s workshop, a flying horse, a paddlesteam boat and big mushrooms all made out of lights!

The picturesque gardens festooned with lights

Hunter Valley Gardens is in the country were you see cows, horses and where you make wine.

Hunter Valley Gardens by day

It was soooooo much fun I want to go again next year! It was so good.

Jasmine visited the Christmas Lights Spectacular courtesy of Hunter Valley Gardens.

The gardens span 25 acres and are open daily 9am-5pm. There are ten stunning feature gardens including kids’ favourite, Storybook Garden. Family passes are available but you’ll have to wait until December 2013 for the unmissable Christmas Lights Spectacular to return to Hunter Valley Gardens!

For further information and tickets visit Hunter Valley Gardens.


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