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What’s on at the Australian museum these holidays?

The Australian Museum in Sydney will host photography workshops, dinosaur talks and geology workshops in the NSW school holidays.

The Australian Museum Sydney
The Australian Museum in Sydney. Picture: Shutterstock

The highlight of the holidays will be the museum’s dinosaur festival. Children can see, hear, touch and smell the world of dinosaurs in an interactive experience. Roam the gallery of skeletons, skulls, teeth, claws and fossils; watch life-sized dino diorama, and learn about the evolution of dinosaurs to birds in a thrilling theatre performance.

In the drop-in activity room kids aged 5 and above can make model dinosaurs and landscapes after looking at real fossils of the Jurrasic and Cretaceous periods. Families can also take a photo with a dinosaur, play with dino puzzles, books and resources. This experience is available from 29 September to 14 October from 10.30am-2pm. Cost: $10 per child. Adults free after general admission. 

Here are a few more things to do with kids at the museum.

Scientist for a Day: Travel back in time to discover Australia’s ancient past with the Australian Museum’s amazing fossil collection. This full-day holiday program is jam-packed with hands-on activities, games and a behind-the-scenes tour. Ages 8-12. Dates: 3 or 4 October. Times: 9am-4pm . Cost: $105 Members or $125 non-Member. Bookings Essential

Geology Rocks: Discover how geologists work in this interactive half-day science workshop. Learn about volcanoes, earthquakes and how landforms are made. Children will get the chance to investigate various rocks and even try their luck panning for gold! Ages 5-8. Dates: 5 Oct. Times: 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM or 2pm-4:30pm . Cost: $42 per child Members; $47 per child Non-members. Bookings Essential

Dinosaurs in the Sky: Have you ever dreamed you could fly? Some dinosaurs did too! This interactive theatre show will explore the science of flight and the incredible evolution of feathered dinosaurs into modern birds. Ages 5-10. Dates: 3,4,5 & 10,11,12 Oct . Times: 10:30am-11am or 11:30am- 12pm . Cost: $8 per person

Kids Theatre Workshop: Work with Matriark Theatre Company and the Australian Museum’s ‘Winny’ dinosaur puppeteers. Children aged 8-12 will be taken on a journey of the imagination by creating puppets inspired by the Museum collection.

Screening: Monsters in the Outback: This 43-minute documentary combines live action and 3D animation to tell the story of strange creatures in Outback Queensland.

T.rex Autopsy Gallery Talk:  This fascinating free talk explores the world’s first anatomically correct model of a T-Rex. The model took six months and 10,000 hours to construct. As you discover the cause of this dinosaur’s death, you will also find out how the 65 million year-old-beast lived.

The Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year and the 200 Treasures of the Australian Museum exhibitions will also be running throughout September and October.


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