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A day at Luna Park

Junior Journo, Jasmine, aged 8, went to Luna Park Sydney in the July school holidays.

Luna Park Sydney map

At Luna Park there are my 4 best rides which are the Tango Train, Roller Coaster, The Spider and all the rides in Coney Island.

The Tango Train is great because a big person has to go on one side and a little person goes on the other side and you fall into each other because it goes so fast!

Luna Park

The Roller Coaster is fun because its excellent and I’m not scared except my first two times ever.

The Spider is something where you get on and there are four different roundabouts with carts on them and you sit on them and you spin around and go around in circles.

At Coney Island my favourite ride is the dipper slide and there are three of them. I like the Joy Wheel because you have to take your shoes off and hold on in the middle and it spins and you try not to slide off.

The Mirror Maze is cool because its got lots of mirrors and it’s a maze and it’s easy for me to get out but it’s hard for other people and you bump into the mirrors.

There’s a fast walker and you walk over it and it’s going up, down and it’s really fun.

The ferris wheel goes 13 metres off the ground I think and it’s the best view of Sydney! You can go to Luna Park just to have lunch if you want it’s on the water. You can have birthday parties at Luna Park and in the school holidays they do special things.

Stuntmania @ Luna Park

Today we saw Stuntmania. It was people on motorbikes, bikes and trampolines and they had fire on their back and it was excellent.

Characters walk around on stilts and in costumes and you can take a photo with them.

I love Luna Park. I have an Annual Pass that only costs $99 and you can go as many times as you like for a year. In September my pass will run out. I hope I can get another one!


Luna Park Sydney
1 Olympic Drive
Milsons Point
NSW, 2061

Getting There:

Luna Park is located at Milsons Point, under the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s super easy to get to by train, ferry, bus or car. To plan your trip and view public transport timetables visit www.131500.com.au or call 131 500.

Visit Luna Park Sydney


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